Transferring experience and knowledge has always given me much pleasure. In my interactive courses, we will assimilate knowledge from practice and answer your questions directly and live. Practical and individual learning is in the foreground here.

My standard topics

Standard duration is 2 – 2.5 hours. Group price is CHF 95 and private CHF 300. Refreshing, topic slides and resulting images are included.
Prefer a private workshop? We can extend time, deep-dive and mix topics as you like.

Photography Basics

Learn the principles behind gorgeous photographs

Next step DSLR

Learn how to assimilate the potentials of your camera

Nature / Outdoor

Taking pictures of the beauty of our nature

Studio Basics

Using professional equipment and learn how to work with a model

Editing and Retouching

Give your photographs the polish they deserve for digital and printing

Car Photography

Learn how to make your beauty shine

Blogger Photography

Shoot and prepare your pictures for digital virality

Flash Basics

Start using flashes and learn differences to the work with available light

Panoramas and Special FX

About creating high-dynamic-range 360° spherical panorama shots, using filters and special effects using a flash.

Private Workshops

Concentrate on your very personal questions or mix up your particular topics. I’ll coach you in theory and practice at the same time. You get access to my full high-end equipment and adapt to your individual photography style.

Tell me your needs – I’ll answer shortly.

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I care for the needs of my participants a lot. Therefore, I’ll answer fast and offer the best possible option.

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