Satisfied with my work?

My customer’s satisfaction is one of my key goals. As I understand honest feedback as the basis for adjustment, I try to make it as easy as possible to submit this.

For all people, customer or not, and at any given time, there is my feedback form waiting to be filled with content. Feel free to use it at any time for positive, neutral and negative feedbacks:

Share your happiness

My customer’s voice is the most important way to acquire new customers and therefore to make a living from what I love. Consequently, I ask every customer to spread their opinion.

Here are some possibilities for you to do so:

Post on social media

Please use #andyreutimann in Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing posts. On Facebook, please use @andyreutimanncom.

Review on Google

Google reviews (and positive ratings) help me to get found in its search engine.

Like Facebook page

Every now and then I share some exclusive content to my facebook page followers. Furthermore following helps me to increase reach and to unlock additional features.

Send a review

Please allow me to add your happiness to my website. Here you can post a feedback I’ll publish on my website.

Add Facebook post

A happy Facebook post linked to my profile using @andyreutimanncom helps me to increase reach.

Subscribe email list

Sometimes (rarely), I send emails with exclusive offers to the people in my mailing list. Join it to profit from these offers.

Link my website

Like a recommendation, a link on your website helps me to make additional customers. Please link to the english home site ( or a language specific one:


Order car sticker

Blöffsack is my advertisement brand. The „I’m a real Blöffsack“ sticker tells everyone on the streets, that you care for quality, Swissness and sustainability.

In case you have additional ideas on how to spread your words out loud, please let me know so I can tell other customers. Feel free to contact me at any time.

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