Usually, photo shootings are offered at fixed prices, fixed durations and with a rough number of expected photos. After the shoot, the resulting images are so-called “technically selected” by the photographer and what remains is briefly edited. What comes out, you get on a CD, a memory stick or they can be downloaded via Dropbox.

This has the advantage of being very easy to understand. But why I still think little of this model and how I deal with it instead, you’ll find out:

1. more room for customer needs

Different customers have different needs. Why choose a CD full of standard poses, if you need an excellent application photo or want to give a gift to your partner?

I discuss the needs of the customers in advance and plan the shooting locally, regarding time and content, so that the needs can be met optimally.

2. Do not shift the form of the day to the customer

Not only the model resp. The customer and the photographer have days where different amounts of time have to be spent on the planned result. This should not cause the customer to be left with fewer and/or worse photos.

I guarantee the delivery of the desired photos in the desired technical and design quality with a satisfaction guarantee without surcharge.

3. Consider use

When taking pictures for different purposes, there are sky-wide differences in their requirements. In addition to the processing, development and retouching, the choice of equipment or the delivery format can vary greatly.

I use different, efficiency-optimised, processes based on the requirements. The goal is always the best possible quality at the best reasonable price.

4. Arrange use rights

Usage rights govern how the customer may use the photos made for him. The basis for this is the copyrights, which the photographer is undeniably entitled to. If nothing is regulated, the photographer may at any time request the deletion of the photos or prohibit public use.

I regulate the usage rights clearly and put them already in the offers open. So each customer has a written confirmation that the planned use is already included in the price.

5. Ensure privacy and personal rights

Photos often give very personal or even intimate information. The protection of this sensitive data must be ensured by law through appropriate infrastructure and maintained permanently.

I use state-of-the-art storage media with integrated fail-safety and an IT infrastructure that is designed for high security. Next, I orient myself to the strongest data protection law of the world (GDPR) and regulate the particular use of all pictures with appropriate releases (Consents).

6. Use optimal equipment & infrastructure

Also, the material used and the available infrastructure makes a huge difference in the resulting image and Farbqualität. I rely on colour-calibrated and high-resolution professional equipment.

Processes exclusively produced with top equipment from the best brands.

My conclusion

Photo shoots with me start at CHF 80. The price for a photo shoot depends on a few factors when you work with me. This is not just about the duration of the shoot but many factors relating to individual customer needs which means a standard prize per hour is not my approach. Also, I am not interested in delivering mediocre quality. That’s why I guarantee satisfaction and commit myself individually and with passion and joy for every job.

I am happy to create an individual and reliable offer including free satisfaction guarantee.