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My name is Andy,
I’m advertisement & people photographer.

Light and colour opens up humans minds and expresses our passion. I aspire to capture the world’s richness to inspire viewers to improve their humanity.

My style is a combination of documentation and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. My photos are inspired by the idea that everything and everybody visually expresses an individual mindset and values. While using high-end equipment, I’m trying to capture the absolute maximum of the beauty of this versatility.

Signature from Andy
Andy Reutimann

Why Choose Me?


Professional photographer and marketing specialist


Optimized workflows and seamless integration into your processes

Perfect Equipment

High-end medium format, light and studio equipment


Individual/personal care and high data-protection at any time


Worldwide availability with tools and processes optimised for on-site use


100% satisfaction and authenticity guaranteed


“I am super happy and use the photographs very often for ebooks, facebook, my website etc.”


Architect & Blogger
“Perfect work”


Entrepreneur & Sculpture Artist
“Really, super cool job and the photographs are delivered super fast; perfect, thanks! :D”

George + Isabella

Models & Married Knight Couple
“Perfect teamwork - we have laughed a lot and I found myself comfortable at any time. Always happy to work with you again!”


Airport shooting

Latest News

New website up
14. Oct 2018

What‘s tech-wise still the same and what changed. For those creating or revamping their photography website. Some boosted my performance and business!

Data privacy and photography
14. May 2018

Fit for GDPR + Swiss law revision 2020? I show my specific actions to meet the requirements as photographer. At least better than 99% of my competitors.

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